Dreams and Visions

It’s been said a man with dreams
needs a woman with vision
I think it’s because dreams happen when you’re sleep
and Vision happens when you have to make decisions

You see Ride or Die doesn’t mean death is the mission
It means riding together is another word for living
Think about it the opposite of death is not ride
and the opposite of ride is not not alive

Dreams create something to cherish
But where there is no Vision the people perish

“Some people look at me and see negativity
Some people look at me and see positivity
But when I see myself I see creativity”
So if I can create then my Dreams won’t tarry
And when they happen the Vision won’t be blurry

Then my life will be a life of Iryany

Even though you can’t see what I can see.
and everything might be out of focus to thee
if you look a little closer
you just might see
it’s actually my movement that is hard for you to see
But EVERYTHING is in perfect focus to me.

~ i